April 26, 2020

Picking procedures

There are many different picking methods and techniques used in order to identify and retrieve items and pallets. The different picking techniques can be divided into two major parts: goods-to-man or man-to-goods, which are displayed in Figure 1 below.


With the man-to-goods method, things need to be picked manually from their storage locations by an operator. Usually the operator uses an order picking trolley or an order picking truck. Man-to-goods is suitable when there are many order lines per order and little picking volume per order line. Denote man-to-goods as a picker-to-parts system and stress that it is the most commonly used technique in warehouses.


With the goods-to-man method, items can be picked automatically from the shelf by an automatic system. The items are often placed at a conveyor belt where they are transported to awaiting operators. Goods-to-man is suitable when there are few order lines per order and when the picking volume per order line is high.  refers to the system as part-to-picker and describes how automated storage-retrieval systems with aisle-bound cranes are used to retrieve pallets or bins and place them at pick locations. An operator picks the correct amount and if there are any remaining parts the pallet or bin is returned to its storage location. state that it is beneficial to use automatic material handling systems for frequent and standardized material flow. The conveyor belt is another kind of automatic material handling system, where the items are transported on a belt to the next process.

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