April 23, 2020

07 common interview questions for logistics and supply chain

07 interview questions for logistics and supply chain.
1. Is there is a situation from your former job, which you have been implementing changes for the improvement of the logistics processes?
2. How did you detect the necessity of the changes? How do you prioritize processes and tasks?
3. Did you ever have to face a situation, in which a deadline was changed to an earlier date? What did you do to meet the deadline?  How did this influence the end result?
4. What database did you work within your previous position?
5. What would a stressful job situation look like from your point of view?
6. How experienced are you with freight arrangements?
7. Imagine a situation in which there are misconceptions about the price between you and the supplier or the carrier, but the products have already been delivered. What would you do?

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